7+ Best and Fascinating Ways to Hang On String Lights Outdoor/Backyard

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You may have decided that a place in your home needs to be lit – it can be the living room, hallway, maybe even a bedroom – but you don’t want to place holes unsightly in your wall because of the use of nails or screws. Fortunately, there are a number of other ways to hang or display fairy lights.

In this guide, we will give you 7 simple ways to hang a light garland using several accessories, allowing you to have your display stand in place and to operate efficiently.


1. Gutter hook
If your window goes directly under a gutter, why not use it! For all those who wish to install solar light curtains on their windows, it is very easy to do so using the gutter hooks.

A simple package of gutter hooks would be all you need to start setting up your decor, as they literally snap onto your gutter, leaving no marks or irreparable damage. From there, you can lower the light strings quickly and easily.



2. Screw hooks
Obviously, if your window is too far from the gutter, or if you prefer a more robust option, then the cut hooks are the ideal option! By simply attaching these small hooks to the wall, you can hang most of the light light strings or ropes from our range. They are particularly useful if you want to place Christmas lights or fairy lights at the top or bottom of your window, fixing them firmly on each side. The damage to your wall will also be minimal, there will be only a small notch.


3. Suction hook
If you do not want to drill or fix anything to your house, to install your interior decorations, then the suction hooks are the ideal option to help you achieve this, by offering you a simple and hassle-free option to place lights on the windows. This durable product can be used indoors or outdoors depending on how you want to create your display. It will not leave any marks on the window when removed, and there are now giant suction cups for windows requiring heavier and heavier wiring.

Advise for the interior of your home
Of course, not everyone wants to put lights outside their windows! Many people like to tie them indoors, using products such as fairy lights and starry lights for a beautiful interior look. The traditional candle bridge never goes out of fashion either, so why not top it off with that on the window! For the installation of solar interior lighting make sure that the photovoltaic panel is placed on the windowsill to receive the most light during the day.

Installing exterior lights in winter is never fun on a chilly day (although they look fantastic once set up), so why not opt ​​for the comfortable interior option!


4. Office push pins
Probably the default option for many people, drawing pins (we find that brass pins are often the best) can be pushed between the twisted wires that often make up the battery-powered LED string lights, as shown in the picture below. This will leave a small hole in your designated surface, but nothing compared to the one created by a nail or screw.

A flat-bottomed bronze pin would be better, but any pin can be inserted between the intertwined wires that make up most fairy lights.


5. Fixing paste
If you want to leave no mark on your walls, the use of Patafix (preference: UHU or Blu-Tack) is an alternative. The wire or the back of the LED itself must be embedded in the sticky paste at different intervals.

This will work for small sets of wired lights, maybe 5m or less but may not work as well for heavier light sets, unless you plan to use a large amount of wall paste ! The new transparent ribbons to fix are also a very good alternative for multicolored solar light garlands with slightly heavier balls.


6. Wrap around household items
Due to the flexible nature of the fairy lights, especially the LED lighted copper wires. Often you will not need additional accessories to hold them in place, just a little imagination! Try wrapping them around unlit areas you might not have imagined, such as shelves, desks, headboards, and photo frames. You would be amazed at how many rooms in your home is a potential home for decorative lights. Copper wire solar lights are ideal under these conditions.
7. Traceless adhesive hook
These hooks can simply be glued to a surface using the attached adhesive pad, before hanging your fairytale Christmas decorations. They are designed so that no sticky residue or marking remains on your surfaces and there are different types depending on your specific needs. Most recommend that you wait at least one to two hours after gluing before hanging the lights.

Sticky hooks are ideal for hanging sets of short and long lights (over 5m).

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