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47 Top Trend Kitchen Backsplash / Floor Tile Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

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47 Top Trend Kitchen Backsplash / Floor Tile Ideas for

Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen decoration is a bit more challenging than other types of decoration in terms of structure and application. The features and product variety of the selected materials in the kitchen decoration, which has a technical equipment and skillful structure, make you have to do serious research. Since decorating the kitchen with ordinary and unplanned choices may cause you to experience regrets in the future, you will have to do a good planning and research while you are at the first step. It is extremely important to review all types of the market and to find the most suitable for your kitchen in terms of both style and feature, especially when choosing kitchen equipment with endurance and technological infrastructure. For example, how do you go about choosing a kitchen counter? You can choose a ready-made kitchen that suits your style and the architectural features of the kitchen, or you can easily get out of the business or you will find it appropriate to use the existing kitchen of the house you bought, but in this type of ready-made kitchens, you can compromise quality in some parts. Especially in a product such as kitchen countertops where quality and material gain importance, the choice should not be left to chance.



As Homify team, we decided to examine the details you need to know on the basis of products when choosing a counter. In this article, we will present you the advantages and disadvantages of different machine types with sample designs. Thanks to this information, you will have a chance to know what kind of kitchen counter of the house you bought and what problems it may cause you in the future. If you wish, you can personalize the kitchen by choosing a countertop that will suit the design and suit your usage habits. Making the necessary changes without sitting home will save you from dealing with decoration problems in the future. If you intend to design your kitchen with every detail, then consider this article as a guide for your counter selection. You can be inspired by these examples while creating your dream kitchen design.

If you need ideas for different parts of kitchen decoration, you can also find them on the Homify portal. Dozens of ideas about kitchen furniture, kitchen cabinets, floor and wall upholstery, textile products and accessories are waiting for you. We also recommend that you take a look at the topics below that will shed light on your kitchen decoration.

Corian bench

Let’s briefly remind you of the features you need to consider when choosing a kitchen counter, and let’s begin to examine the countertops. First of all, you should pay attention to whether the counter material you choose is suitable for the style of the kitchen in color and texture. In the second stage, you should choose the most suitable one for you by comparing the durability of the material with its cost. Thanks to the developing technology, quality can be achieved at the highest point in many bench materials, in this case, the most important criterion that will affect your choice will be the disadvantages and price of the material. If you want to get professional support on both topics, kitchen planners and kitchen accessories experts can help you.

Let’s talk about the features of Corian machines. The main material of Corian benches, which are included in the hard surface bench group, are acrylic resin and natural minerals. We can roughly say that the raw materials of materials such as sand, glass and porcelain are formed by mixing with a special method. Since it is a homogeneous surface material, it is extremely resistant to scratches, it is absolutely hygienic material since it does not contain scratches that provide ground for bacteria and fungus formation. Corian counters have a wide color chart, matte and glossy alternatives, so they are among the prominent materials in new generation decorations. It does not fade, it is easy to repair and maintain, its joints are not obvious, it is easy to apply and it is in the middle level compared to natural materials.

Dekton bench

Dekton benches are hard surface benches in the composite class. It has a hard and easily workable structure formed by the compression of glass, porcelain and quartz materials at high temperature and pressure. Since Dekton benches are produced by compression, they can be very thin despite their solid and homogeneous structures. Although it is the first choice where thin material should be used, it can only be used as a coating for thick benches. Dekton is a material that is resistant to heat, scratches and abrasion, its colors are colorfast and hygienic. Dekton benches, which have a natural appearance and are stylish materials, are slightly lower than Corian benches. They are more economical than natural stones such as granite and marble.

Price comparisons will often change, as the prices of bench materials can vary depending on their popularity as well as their production stages and raw materials, and especially those with imported raw materials are indexed to foreign currency. You can reach the most accurate information on this subject only when you meet with the manufacturers. Be careful not to make a decision without getting a price from several different places.

Marble countertop

Casting marble countertops, which belonged to the natural stone group, were extremely popular for a while and their prices were quite expensive, but they have lost popularity since a number of disadvantages such as acid resistance. Thus, the price range was a little stretched. Cast marble is an almost pure material, which means that it is not a combination of different raw materials as in other countertop types, it is a naturally built stone, so the choice of colors is limited. It has a very strong structure, but you may need to maintain and polish every few years against scratches.

Granite countertop

Another material that belongs to the natural stone class is granite. Granite countertop is produced from a stone material that isolates the heat, is durable, durable and can be found in dozens of different colors. Although it has many color options, it has a mixed color structure. It is not a single and solid color product. It is very suitable for long-term use, but it may be necessary to polish every few years because small cracks may occur on it for long periods of use. Unlike marble, it is resistant to acidic foods, it does not fade easily and the price range also goes almost in line with marbles.

Laminate countertop

Let’s start by underlining that laminate countertops should not be mixed with laminated material. Laminated is a material consisting of several layers of thin wood, it is used in parquet production but not in countertop production. Countertops made of real wood are known as wood or solid. Laminate material is a material consisting of polish layer, paper layer and HDF (compressed chipboard) layer. It takes its appearance from the sheet of paper used in its structure, so it can be produced in almost any color and texture. It is used in many areas such as bench, parquet and flooring. Laminate countertops have a smooth surface and there are hundreds of color and pattern options. They can last for a long time when used with care, but are not as resistant to heat and scratches as stone materials. In fact, it is almost impossible to pass the trace that will occur when you leave a hot pot on it. Natural stone is much lower cost than acrylic and composite class countertops, so it is very popular. You can be very satisfied if you use laminate counters carefully, offering a stylish and modern look.

Steel workbench

When it comes to industrial kitchen design, the first steel counters that come to mind come forward with their modern and stylish appearance. Steel benches with chrome and nickel are stainless material. Stainless steel is resistant to heat and abrasion, but the surface may have a problem with collapse, so cutting or leaving heavy items on it will be risky. Since it is a reflective surface with a metallic appearance, it gives relief to the environment and its compatibility with hot materials such as wood is magnificent, durable and long-lasting. Despite all these features, it is an expensive material.

Quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are made of quartz, which is a hard and natural mineral, but can be processed with glass and metal pieces to gain color and pattern, and can be shown in the composite class with this feature. They are not very economical because they are both natural stone origin and processed. It has a non-porous structure and is hygienic and does not require extra care for liquid absorption. Besides its robustness and durability, it has a wider color range compared to other natural stones. It can be found in natural tones such as black, white and brown, to colors such as gold and blue. It is easy to maintain and clean.

Using solid wood on the kitchen counter is essential for styles with natural traces, especially rural and scandinavian. With its elegance and beauty, the features of the solid benches that heat the environments stand out as strength, durability and naturalness. The biggest advantage of massive benches is that they will not lose their elegance even if they are old, scratched, worn, even burnt, because their natural appearance is capable of carrying such roughness. Solid wood benches are durable, robust, convenient, clean, natural, harmless and easy to maintain. It is easy to clean and long lasting. Prices can vary depending on the type and feature of the tree.

Mosaic bench

Mosaic is a material that is generally encountered as a stone in kitchens, but it can also create very stylish decorations on surfaces such as kitchen island and countertop. Although it can not compete with acrylic, composite and natural stone counters in terms of strength and durability, it will be a more economical and stylish choice. You can also use it in combination with other counter types to suit your style. For example, in a kitchen with black granite countertops, it is possible to create a different style by making the kitchen island a mosaic surface.

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