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46+ Marvelous Fireplace Interior Design Ideas that Looks So Awesome

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Now fireplaces are becoming popular interior items in both traditional and modern living rooms. They give the interior a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and also help to interestingly diversify even a simple and boring atmosphere. Modern versions of fireplaces have many varieties, so they can fit into almost any design project living room.

Special features

If you plan to make a living room with a fireplace, for a competent design it is important to take into account the peculiarities of your room. What matters is the layout, size, as well as the desired finish and even placement of furniture. When developing a design project, you will encounter many features of this environment.

The place for the fireplace must be selected so that it fits organically into the overall layout of the room. It is not recommended to place a fireplace in the aisle, as it will simply be inconvenient: around the fireplace usually equip a recreation area, and if other family members pass by constantly, it will be uncomfortable to rest. In addition, it is not customary to place the fireplace close to the doors or to the windows.

You should also take care of practicality in advance, because the main function of the fireplace is to heat the room. Most of the heat will give fireplaces that are heated with firewood, as well as imitations of fires, working on electricity. Also it should be taken into account that fashionable modern models, glazed from two or three sides, essentially lose to the traditional variants in practicality.




If it is possible to purchase a fireplace portal with a box downstairs, this is definitely worth doing. In a small cabinet under the fireplace it will be very convenient to store firewood for the hearth or just any items you need in everyday life – for example, a fireplace cleaning brush. Often, fireplaces have also a small open shelf on top. This can be useful if you have a spacious living room, and in the interior you love an abundance of small details. On a similar shelf above the fireplace portal you can put a clock, stylish ceramics or photographs – such bright accents will help to further highlight the fireplace.

Many fear that the fireplace will be too conspicuous in the interior and will not be able to harmoniously fit into the design – this is especially characteristic of those cases when the center with the traditional design is placed in a modern interior. To avoid this, tables or low cabinets on the side are often attached to the fireplace portal. They can be decorated with the same tile or paint as the fireplace portal. So you can support the hearth in the interior, organically fitting it into the decor of your room.

Types of fireplaces

Modern fireplaces are very diverse – they may differ in their location, the required fuel, the radiation of heat and style. Nevertheless, all fireplaces have a number of common features. The main part of the visible structure is occupied by the fireplace portal – it is a facade that can be decorated with a variety of decorative elements: tiles, tiles, wood and painting. Also in the design includes a chamber for burning wood, called the firebox, smoke box and chimney, facing the street.

Sometimes a small fireplace cabinet for storing firewood is attached to the front of the hearth, from above or below, and a small table, often decorated in the same style as the fireplace, is often located on the side.

Despite the fact that the design of all real fireplaces is very similar, there are a number of differences.First of all, fireplaces are distinguished by location in the house, which they can occupy.

There are the following options for foci:

The most popular option is wall fireplace. At the same time, this option is quite large and takes up a lot of space, so it is recommended to consider a similar model for spacious houses. The obvious advantage is that such a fireplace fits into the wall, which means it looks organically in the interior. These types of fireplaces are usually distinguished using tile, brick or stone trim.

Corner fireplace It has a special design and can look very beautiful in any type of interior. Such models will be the ideal option for owners of small-sized living rooms. The decoration of such a fireplace can be practically any, and around it you can easily arrange cozy chairs or even a corner sofa for relaxing.

Built-in fireplace has a chimney embedded in the wall – to take care of the presence of such a fireplace is still at the stage of building a house. This option looks great and takes up very little space in the living room.At the same time, in order to be noticeable, it is certainly important to come up with a catchy and interesting finish for the portal.

Island fireplace not very common, but it looks very interesting. Mostly similar options are suitable for spacious living rooms, otherwise you simply will have nowhere to locate the island. At the same time, such options have a suspended chimney, and the heat output from them will be less than from other models. Island fireplaces are mostly decorative. The hearth can be viewed from all sides, and you can locate such models anywhere in your room, complementing a sofa and armchairs.

Besides the location in the house, It is important to emphasize the differences of fireplaces by type of fuel required for the hearth:

A wood burning fireplace is a traditional option, it requires careful installation and does not give off too much heat. However, the kind of burning logs in the portal fascinates and creates a special, incomparable atmosphere in the room.
If you want a more practical option, you should install an easy-to-use gas fireplace.
Electronic fireplaces – this is an imitation of real fire, they are suitable for the apartment, and for the house, as well as will be convenient to use.
Finally, biofireplaces are innovative alcohol models that have a predominantly decorative function.

According to the method of radiation of heat, modern foci can also be divided into several types:

The first option is a center with unilateral radiation of heat, the most popular in private homes, is the simplest design and has the maximum heat transfer.
Foci with double-sided radiation will be the original design twist in the interior, but they lose in heat transfer and practicality.
There are also options with three-sided radiation, they are rare, and their main function is decorative.


It is very important to choose the design of the fireplace portal for your style in the interior. The hearth can organically fit into the decor of any living room, but you need to find suitable options for decor.

In the apartment or in a private house, the fireplace should become an organic part of the living space.

Very often, fireplaces are selected for interiors. country style in country houses. Often the traditional facing of a fireplace with a brick or stone looks very similar in such living rooms.At the same time, if you want to diversify the situation with folk motifs, you can choose colored ceramic tiles to decorate the fireplace. Wood carved veneer options can also look very organic. Finally, simple metal facades will also suit the country style and become the highlight of your interior.

Living room chalet style – This is one of the most popular variants of country style, such interiors resemble the decoration of houses in the Swiss Alps. Typically, these living rooms have wooden walls, beams on the ceiling, large panoramic windows, and the walls and floor are decorated with natural animal skins. Stone cladding is best suited for such fireplaces – beige and brown shades should be selected so that they do not contrast with the wooden elements in the interior. Also, sometimes you can find minimalistic versions of metal fireplace portals – they will do if you want to make a special emphasis on the hearth.

Now it becomes fashionable and practical Scandinavian style in the interior. To furnish the living room in such a way can be inexpensive, dominated by a sleek design, bright colors and eco-friendly materials.The furnace is most often trimmed with light ceramic tiles or light stone – this option is suitable for a small room. If you have a spacious living room in the Scandinavian style, you can highlight the hearth with the help of darker shades of stone or tile.

Among other things, a popular solution is the white molding, which is usually combined with the main trim.

For a modern living room hi-tech style characterized by glossy surfaces for facing the fireplace. Various metal options can look very interesting – steel or copper will look great against the background of a dark interior. If you prefer pastel shades, it is worth considering plastic glossy facades that will become a fashionable and versatile solution for modern design. Finally, you should consider unusual versions of fireplaces, covered with glass on two or three sides – such fireplaces are not very practical for heating the room, but they look very unusual and stylish.

Often houses make out in classic styleNeoclassical and Baroque are also popular – such an interior looks luxurious and elegant.Fireplace in such settings is usually decorated with small decorative columns and stucco. Facing of a facade from a single stone, for example, from marble is also popular. However, you can replace this option with a cheaper equivalent – a suitable ceramic tile. In addition, sometimes it may be interesting to look smooth white facade of plaster or plastic, as well as the currently popular light tile, stylized as a brick or masonry.

For living room in modern style brickwork on the facade of the fireplace or its imitation with the help of a tile will be the most simple and harmonious option. At the same time, if you want to diversify such a design, now you can find very interesting modern finishes from black, gray or dark brown stone.

Such facing perfectly complements the interior in modern style and will be an interesting highlight of your living room.

For living room in english style characterized by restrained decoration, pastel colors of decoration, simple wooden furniture, striped and floral prints of textiles. Foci in England are usually trimmed with pink or white brick – similar facades of portals look restrained and stylish.Often brickwork is combined with molding or wooden elements. Such chimney facades are characterized by open shelves at the top and lockers at the bottom.

Loft lounge implies the most open space with a simple stylish design. Very often in lofts one or more walls are finished with bricks. Facing the fireplace portal with brick in this case will also look very harmonious if it is located on one of these walls. At the same time, if the fireplace stands against the wall with a light finish, you can paint its portal in the color of the walls – it will also look very stylish and organic.

If you plan to furnish your living room eclectic style, it is important that the design of the fireplace is not too restrained and not too catchy – it should organically fit into the decor of the room. A variety of modern models of fireplaces can look great – island hearths, portals glazed from several sides, as well as models of unusual shape made of metal. However, even the most ordinary traditional fireplace built into the wall with brick cladding may look interesting – just decorate the wall around the hearth molding or place a couple of bright accessories on the mantelpiece.

Color spectrum

The color of the facade of your hearth is very important in the interior – of course, the fireplace portal should stand out, but not be too catchy.

Variants of a good color scheme for fireplace design, taking into account the shades of finish:

If you have an interior in whitish or pastel shades, and the size of the living room is small, the finishing of the fireplace portal should also be chosen mainly in light colors. A bright white tile, plastic, whitish stone or brick may be suitable. The facade of light metal will also look quite appropriate. An unusual design can be made using non-standard color combinations – for example, lilac tones with olive or beige with light gray can look great.

If you have finished the room in bright colors, but the room is quite spacious, the fireplace can be a bright interesting accent. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid pure colors – bright blue, yellow, scarlet or saturated green. It is better to replace them with complex composite shades – for example, facing a fireplace in wine, emerald, mustard and gray-blue shades can become an actual solution. You can also use deep dark tones – black, brown, burgundy or dark blue.

For a dark living room you should not choose a fireplace portal that matches the tone with the finish – such a design may turn out to be too boring and gloomy. It is better if the facade of the hearth is slightly lighter or brighter than the main color of the finish: the degree of difference between these colors will depend on how much you want to highlight the fireplace in the interior. If you have a burgundy finish of the walls, crimson tiles may be suitable, for the walls in khaki white fireplace facades are often chosen, and for dark gray walls you can choose the option in copper shades.

If you have a living room combined with a hallway or kitchen, which have different tones, with the help of a fireplace portal of the right color, you can make the interior more beautiful and solid. The hearth, located in the kitchen, can be finished in the color of the finishing of the living area, and vice versa. However, with any finish combining two colors in different zones, options with white facing, facing with red brick or metal will be win-win options.

Where to place?

Consider the following features of a living room design with a fireplace depending on the layout:

If the fireplace is located in the center of a small living room in a private house, it is best if the design is sufficiently concise.Nevertheless, the fireplace will be the semantic center, so it needs to be highlighted visually. You can make a bright finish for such a fireplace, decorate the walls around the molding or paint it in a different color. Furniture is usually located around the semantic center of the room. In a small living room with a fireplace, this is best done in a circle, leaving a wide aisle.

If the stove is located in the center of the spacious hall, and you do not want to divide the space of the room into zones, the design should be rich and diverse – you should not limit yourself to choosing small accessories and bright accents. At the same time to arrange all the decorative elements should be so that the fireplace stands out. This can be done in two ways. You can furnish the living room rather succinctly, and decorate it around the fireplace with small elements. You can, on the contrary, place bright interior items throughout the room, and leave the area near the fireplace with a minimalist design – this option also allows you to highlight your fireplace as the meaningful center of the room.

If you are going to divide your living room into several zones, the location of the fireplace does not matter.Most likely, the fireplace will be located in one of two or three zones, which, in turn, should be distinguished by lighting, color finishes or arches and columns. To make such a living room look good, care should be taken to create several sense centers in the room — one in each zone. The center, along with the fireplace, can become a TV, a table, a panoramic window, a corner with flowers or an aquarium.

Nowadays, plans involving a combined living room and kitchen are very popular – this trend is especially characteristic of private houses. At the same time, it is extremely interesting to look at the options in which the stove is located at the point of separation between the kitchen and living room zones. In this case, the fireplace is often supplemented with a bar or table top island kitchen. The focus is usually directed to the living room area. For a harmonious design, you need to think about the situation so that your fireplace can be viewed from all points of the room.

In houses with a bay window, a fireplace is usually placed on the right or left side of it. Along the windows, the chairs are usually placed or a sofa is placed – especially this situation is typical for classical and neoclassical interiors.If you are afraid that the focus in this case will become secondary in the interior, you can select it additionally – for example, hang a TV over it or a large picture.

Combined living rooms, hallways are also very common in modern country houses. In such cases, the fireplace is often located along the wall under the stairs. To many, this location seems unfortunate, but it can be very interesting to beat. With a well-thought-out setting, such a layout will become a highlight of your interior, for this it is important that the fireplace under the stairs is as noticeable as possible – think up an interesting finish;


To the fireplace in the interior of the living room looked organic, it is better to find him a place in the room at the stage of major repairs. If you have a finished living room with decoration and furniture, it will be much more difficult to enter the hearth in an already established design project.

The stove is an element of the interior, which certainly stands out in the room, so the placement of upholstered furniture and the necessary bright accents will depend on the location of the fireplace portal.

If the hearth is decided to be placed in the living room with an already finished finish and furniture, it is often made as inconspicuous as possible. You can install a fireplace along a wall or in one of the corners of the room, and it is better to veneer the portal in the same color scheme that the walls have. It is possible to single out the hearth in such an interior, but unobtrusively – for example, make a thin white frame around with a molding or play with glossy and matte textures when finishing the fireplace portal.

For modern interiors it is worth considering various imitations of fireplaces.powered by electricity. Their undoubted advantage will be an interesting design – you can find options that are glazed on all sides, suspended and cut off from the floor or have the most unusual shape. This fireplace can not be arranged in this way. In addition, the imitation of the hearth is the best option for a city apartment in which to install a real oven is almost impossible.

Beautiful examples in the interior

To choose the right design project for your living room, it is worth considering a variety of possible options for placing the hearth in a room.The appearance of the interior will depend on many factors: for example, lighting, color of the decoration and fireplace portal, room layout and size, furniture arrangement. Two identical interior projects can not be, but you can always borrow individual ideas, creating something unique based on them.

If you do not know which option of facing to choose for a chimney portal in a private house, in most cases the masonry will be the most successful and organic option. Especially good brick and stone fit into the style of country – if the walls in your house are decorated with wood, stone in shades of brown will look great on the fireplace portal.

To diversify the design, you can place open shelves under the hearth and above it – place vases, candlesticks or pots with flowers on these shelves.

If you appreciate the low-key English style, the easiest way is to choose the design for a fireplace portal made of plaster – it can be white or painted in any color. It is worth choosing pastel color scale, various beige and golden shades can look interesting. Typically, the design of such a fireplace is discreet, but interesting: for example, the finish can combine several colors and unusual embossed ornaments.

For modern minimalist interiors, many opt for imitations of the hearth, powered by electricity. Especially relevant now are the options glazed from two or three sides. Such a high-tech design fits perfectly into the laconic furnishings of a modern home, but at the same time such a hearth allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort. With a fireplace, a modern interior will never seem cold and boring, even if subdued forms and light colors prevail in it.

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