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39+ Unique & Creative Kitchen Island Ideas

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In today’s conditions, kitchens can be called the heart of homes, because home life actually spreads from the kitchen to social spaces in homes, as well as private spaces such as bedrooms. In modern life, kitchen areas serve much more than cooking and preparing. We can say that kitchen islands are the most remarkable design elements in the decoration of kitchens, which can be considered as the epicenter of socializing, eating with family and friends, tea times, and happy memories. Ada kitchen models manage to create a unique fluency and modernity in the aesthetic and functional structure of the house. If we are talking about island type kitchen decoration, then we can easily define that kitchens are the heart of the house, and the kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen.



If you want to add these trendy and very useful and stylish kitchen islands to your own kitchen or if you want to evaluate island type kitchen designs while making a new kitchen, this article is for you! All with stunning and practical examples from each from Turkey, everything you need to know about the kitchen island models …

LILYUM KITCHEN Rural Kitchen Island Wooden Countryside / Country

Let’s start with the history first: The spread of island type kitchens took place after the Second World War. Closed floor plans have begun to be replaced by open plans in order to reduce the effort spent on housework after the war and to create more functional and productive and useful living spaces for families. Just as we need today, kitchen benches have emerged that can be prepared with the children in front of the house, which do not need to be isolated from the rest of the family during the cooking process. However, this type of dining table, designed as an extension of the kitchen counter, will be insufficient that the kitchen islands have been born and are becoming more and more common.

Island kitchens, which are at the peak of their popularity today, are also the source of multi-functional decoration solutions such as aesthetic advantages, greater surface area, storage potential, family gathering while preparing food, and assuming separators in open-plan halls.

Is the shape of my kitchen suitable for island kitchen models?

It is a fact that island kitchens create unique functional and aesthetic changes in almost every kitchen. However, in most people there is an opinion that island-type kitchens can be applied only in large areas. However, this is not true. Of course, we are not talking about very small kitchens, but you do not need to have a very large kitchen to have a kitchen island. According to the information given by professional kitchen planners; The minimum free space required for the placement of the island kitchens should be 240 centimeters long and 220 centimeters wide. You ask why?

Because the smallest ready-made kitchen island design is 80×60 cm in size. There are not rare designs in the size of 80X40 cm, but these are generally designed as bar counters and the smallest size is assumed to be 60 to 80. Remember that the most important features of the island kitchens are that they provide fluency, so when you place the kitchen island, there should be spacious corridors that you can easily walk around. And, according to the standards, there should be a gap of at least 80 cm between the kitchen island and the wall. (However, experts state that this range will be much more useful and spacious when it is designed as 100-120 cm.) When you add a space of 80 cm to a kitchen island of 80×60 size, we reach the dimensions of 240×220 cm.

Of course, if we add a L-shaped main counter and kitchen cabinet unit to these dimensions, we need to add another 60 cm to both sides, because the standard size of kitchen countertops is 60 cm wide. In other words, a kitchen to be designed in the island kitchen type should have an area of ​​at least 300 by 280 cm.

But these measures, of course, set the ideal standards theoretically. In fact, it is possible to use a kitchen island with creative designs in smaller kitchens, you just have to overlook a little more laborious construction process compared to ready-made kitchen designs. For example, you can determine the size of your kitchen island specially. You can save space with a kitchen island of 60 to 60 square design. You can not design the main kitchen counter in L shape and keep it on one side. Or you can use one of your kitchen island by attaching it to the wall and using it as a peninsula. This will considerably reduce the area you need.

Models and sizes

If you intend to have an island type kitchen, you first need to decide what you want, what purpose the kitchen island will be used for, what function and category you are looking for. Kitchen islands with different models and different sizes are produced according to each function. Of course, the width of your kitchen should be compatible with the size of the islands that have the function you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the models:


If what you need is a stylish and useful countertop function that will only contribute to the food preparation surface area, simple models will do the job. These islands, which are among the smallest kitchen island models, are generally produced in the dimensions of 80×60 cm.

The reason we call this model the bar counter is because it imitates the bench model in the bars. The only function of island kitchens in this model is to act as a space-saving bar counter by integrating with high stools in kitchens and the bench is thinner than other kitchen islands. These models, which are ideal for your guests to sit and taste from the starters, sip their drinks, and chat together while you prepare meals, can also be used as small and practical dining tables. In fact, these models, which we can define as a very practical bar area from the kitchen island, are 80×40 cm in size.

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