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23 Outstanding Industrial Concept Bedroom Design Ideas with Brick Wall

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Decorative brick wall in the room is a modern design solution. An original and unforgettable decoration of the room. If you are interested in the ideas of designing a bedroom with a brick wall, read this article.


Which rooms are suitable?

Decorating a bedroom with a brick wall is suitable for rooms of any size and layout. The natural light of the bedroom does not matter.

If we are talking about a large room, the bricks can arrange the whole room. If the bedroom area is small and not more than 15 square meters. m, it is better to use a wall – or even part of it. This can be, for example, a strip per bed. If the room has low ceilings, then a vertical line will help visually lift the ceiling.

If the bedroom is on the north side or if it is dim for other reasons, you should use the light design of this decor element – for example, you can paint the surface white.

If the room has large windows, brickwork will be a suitable solution. This may be one or more walls. Most often, a brick wall is decorated with rooms decorated in a loft style. Because it is characterized only by large windows.

What style is given?

Brickwork as a decorative element is a characteristic feature of the interior in the style of a loft. It came from America. At the beginning of the last century, non-residential buildings had a huge transformation into residences. Often these were in the attic.

brick walls;
active use of wood, concrete and metal for decoration;
pipes, ventilation, ceiling beams and other similar items;
no curtains;
wood or concrete floor;
bulbs without lampshade on long cables;
large area of ​​the room.

Since these houses were bought by poor people, there was almost no opportunity to buy new furniture. Different furniture was used for decoration rooms. Currently, it is also possible to use furniture of different styles and periods.

As already mentioned, the absence of curtains is typical for an attic, so it is suitable for small bedrooms. This is where you can save space and use the window sill as a bedside cabinet or dressing table. In addition, the curtains visually “too much space” in small rooms. It is very useful to create a design that allows you to do without them.

Modern design allows you to use several styles in one room.

Often some characteristic elements from different styles are used. In neoclassic, minimalism, Scandinavian style, art deco and even American and colonial styles, bricks can be entered in the interior.

The design of the clutch also depends on the style chosen. It can be made of a solid monochrome brick and have an external appearance of the house. Such a technique is often used in high-tech, art deco, minimalism, chebbi-chic, American or colonial interiors.

The old wall interior walls can be imitated with bricks in different sizes, colors and peeling places. This flooring is typical for a loft, but can also be used for eco, Scandinavia and other styles.

Color solutions

If desired, the brick can be painted in any color, but mostly natural colors from orange to dark brown are used.

You can often find the grayscale design – ashy graphite. This is especially true for high tech or techno designs because they use a lot of metal and shiny surfaces. Natural brick color is more suitable for a room with furniture and wood ornaments.

As mentioned earlier, the choice of brick color or paint depends on the overall design. If the bedroom has wooden furniture, you can choose a brick that will suit the tone of such a surface. However, in this case it is necessary to take into account the size of the room. If it is small and the furniture is dark, then a wall of the same color can spoil the visual perception of the interior.

It is better to paint walls and bricks in a single light color.

In this case, the embossed texture will be a remarkable element of the decor.

The white brick wall looks very interesting. It can often be seen in small rooms in bright colors. As a rule, these are loft-style rooms, minimalism or Scandinavian style.

The original looks imitating peeling plaster or paint. This technique can be used for interiors in Chebbi-chic style and other suitable occasions.


For brickwork, you can use a real brick to make it more precise – saw cut. However, in this case, it is necessary to consult with experts, because such a confrontation will make the wall heavier and negatively affect the design of the whole house.

There is currently a fairly wide selection to create decorative bricks in the finishing materials market:

Flexible tile “under brick” is easy to install and has a rich color palette;
hard plaster tiles – one of the most affordable materials;
cement tile – a wide choice of textures and colors;
clay-brick tile has high operational indicators and the price is quite high;
PVC and MDF panels come in a variety of colors and textures, and also allow you to change a large area quickly and easily;
Glass fiber cement panels are more durable than PVC and MDF, so they are used even in exterior coatings.


The decor (and color) will depend on the size of the bedroom, as well as its overall design.

For small rooms up to 10-12 square meters. m brick wall itself will already become a decor element. If you use brightly printed textiles for the bed and the original lamp or a vase on the bedside table, additional items are not needed. Small posters or decorative mirrors work well if you want to decorate the wall with something.

If there is an area of ​​12-18 square meters in the bedroom. m, you can hang many different posters or pictures with a large board or large images. Shelves with decorative boxes, candlesticks or objects of different geometric shapes (ball, cube and others) will also be suitable. An interesting solution will be niche with lighting or painting on the wall.

It is mostly used for decorative light brick decorations. Often it is an unusual canopy or lampshade that hangs on long cables and plays the role of bedside lighting. In addition, the light can be linear and illuminate the wall from above or from the head of the bed.

If we dwell on the design styles in more detail, we can say that the poster with the images of the city, people, transportation, industrial buildings and structures, bridges and other urban motifs is characteristic of the attic. Spotlights hanging from the ceiling on a metal rail are often used as lighting devices.

Decorative mirrors for the bedroom in the art deco style will be a typical element. It can be an ornament of rectangular, square or rhomboid shaped pieces. You can get crystal lamps and mirrors in a beautiful open frame in rococo or baroque style.

For more traditional and classic interiors, it will make English style wooden frames and wall lamps.

Interior ideas

American style should start with an unusual interior. The brickwork could fit into the traditional interior thanks to the monochrome color scheme dominated by gray colors. Also inconspicuous white accents and glass headboard tables helped with this.

The design below is an interesting example of a combination of things that are far apart. Since the terracotta is one of its characteristic colors, the brick wall harmonizes in the interior areas in a colonial manner.

In the end, due to the red color scheme, it would be useful to consider the minimalist interior, where the brick creates a rather comfortable atmosphere. The predominance of white and beige colors cut the rich brick color, creating a feeling of spaciousness. Black accents are used to complete the design.

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