12+ Cool & Unique Nail Designs

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We love their originality and the fantasy they bring to our manicures! Stickers are the best allies to enhance our nails! We give you some tips to use them well!


A sublimated and full of fantasy manicure

If you want to spice up your manicure, you can opt for the application of stickers! Nothing is simpler to carry out the operation. Prepare your nail well before applying your stickers. You need to have your hands clean, polish the nail well and apply the varnish you want or just a protective base. Take your stickers and a small tweezers. By using the pliers, you can avoid distorting your nail sticker and damaging the glue on the back. Thus, handling will be easier. So carefully peel off the sticker from its backing paper. Position it on your nail and make sure it is placed exactly the way you want it. Once it’s in the proper position, you can press it down with the fingertip. The pressure will allow to expel air bubbles and ensure a perfect adhesion of your sticker on the nail. You can perform this action even on resin false nails or a UV gel nail.

Stickers out of your imagination

Don’t you want to have the same stickers as everyone else? No problem ! Invent the nail stickers that you like! It only takes a little practice and having the right equipment to successfully create really great stickers. Use a plastic sheet to store the sheets in a filing cabinet. Make sure it is not dirty on the surface. Apply a layer of top coat on part of the sheet which is roughly the size of the nail on which you want to put the sticker. Then place a sheet with a pattern if you are not too comfortable with the design and iron over the pattern on the top coat. Apply yourself to make a drawing thin enough so that it is not too coarse on your nail. Once everything is really dry, iron a layer of top coat over your design. Let it dry for several minutes. You can then take off your personalized nail sticker and apply it on your nail!

Easily remove your nail sticker

No need to bother to remove the sticker from your nails! Just grab a cotton pad soaked in a little solvent and rub gently. Don’t traumatize your nail by pressing too hard. By making small gestures, your sticker will eventually come off. You can then remove the varnish or base coat that you have applied to the nail before applying your sticker. Then clean well with warm soapy water, dry your hands properly taking care to insist on the nails and apply a moisturizer that will nourish the nail deeply. Do not neglect this part of the work to be able to perform a flawless manicure the next time! The advantage of the stickers is that they can embellish a nail which is not very aesthetic at the start and offers the possibility of imagining original manicures!

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