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10 Ideas to Paint Lovely and Cutest Teenage Girls Bedroom

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We can say that some parents have put the package aside imagination and investment. Take an example from these fabulous decorations to inspire you. Create a magical and fun place to awaken the senses of your little one.



1. A slate paint to develop your creativity
Are you tired of punishing your child who draws on the walls of his room and spending your time washing them? Here is the solution: slate paint and its blackboard effect! Ideal for awakening the young artist who lies dormant in him.

2. Flower Power paint
Immerse your little boy or your little girl in a peaceful and colorful atmosphere. Use stencils to create a beautiful floral decoration.

3. Paint the ceiling of the room
Why stop at the walls? To be original, also makeover the ceiling so that your child can admire it every night before falling asleep.

4. A dark painting for a perfect sleeping area
A fairly rare choice that is certainly not unanimous for a child’s room. However, we are sure that you will change your mind when you discover the incredible rendering. The dark colors highlight the rest of the decor and provide a calm atmosphere.

5. A colorful painting for a bright room
The bright colors will allow you to create a childlike universe for your little one. A flashy painting will add pep to the room and will surely please your little prince or your little princess.


6. Playfully paint a child’s room
Is your child passionate about astronomy? Create a real colorful solar system in his room that he can contemplate and admire. His room will be his pride when he invites his little friends to play.


7. Painting geometric shapes for a graphic atmosphere
Easy to carry out, the geometric paint version decoration will bring a lot of dynamism to a white wall. And if your little one’s bed is at an angle, then these shapes will be ideal for bringing depth and giving the illusion of a larger room.

8. Paint the theme that fascinates your child
Fan of planes or dinosaurs? Your cherub will be amazed by discovering his new room in the colors and patterns of the elements that fascinate him.

9. Glow in the dark paint to stop being afraid of the dark
If your child is frightened when the lights go out, imagine with phosphorescent paint a universe that would come to life at night. Your little one will never be afraid of the dark again!

10. Painting a Disney fresco
Is painting a real passion for you? So embark on a much bolder project and let your artistic talent take over to decorate your child’s room. If he loves Disney, he will be amazed at how hard you went about painting a fresco of his favorite princes and princesses.

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